A Chain of Events

by Eric Andersen

In early 1982 Marianne Bech, an art history student at The University of Copenhagen, approached me about a paper on fluxus…

A performance of unpredictable duration

by Eric Andersen

Eric Andersen’s account of the performance Stories.

Festival of Fantastics

by Bent Petersen

One of the events that made the biggest impression on me during the Festival of Fantastics was Ben Vautier’s reaction to a question at the preliminary press conference as to what Fluxus is…

Flying with Fluxus

by Birgit Brunsted

The pinnacle of my artistic career was during the Fluxus Festival of Fantastics in Roskilde in May 1985…

I am loosing my memory

by Ben Vautier

Email from Ben Vautier to Eric Andersen on Vautier’s dissapearing memory of the Festival of Fantastics.

Letter to Eric

by Anne Tardos

Letter from Anne Tardos to Eric Andersen on her and Jackson Mac Low’s memory of the Festival of Fantastics

Memory of Festival of Fantastics

by Alison Knowles

The Roskilde Festival was the best. Here are a few thoughts on why it was such a success…

On Festival of Fantastics

by Geoffrey Hendricks

The beginnings of the Festival of Fantastics I suspect were in Wiesbaden in 1982 at the 20th anniversary exhibition and Fluxfest, 1962 Wiesbaden Fluxus 1982…

RosKIDlischer Rekollektionen

by Hannah Higgins

Roskilde was Fantastic in the summer of 1985. I arrived with my mother, Fluxus artist Alison Knowles…

The Danish Holiday

by Charlie Morrow

My mother and I arrived at the event in good spirits. There was wonderful weather and a gathering of friends…