Thank you to the artists Eric Andersen, Philip Corner, Geoffrey Hendricks, Alison Knowles, Ann Noël, Anne Tardos, and Ben Vautier for their contribution to the project.

Thank you to the other contributors Birgit Brunsted, Hannah Higgins, Bent Petersen, and Charlie Morrow for their recollections of the festival. Hopefully more memories will follow.

Thank you to Svend Thomsen and Trekanten Video Formidling for kindly providing video documentation.

Thank you to the photographers Niels Bundgård, Berit Dahl, Kirsten Justesen, Jytte Jørgensen, Michael Lange, Erling J. Pedersen, Bent Ryberg, Jesper Saietz, Torben Thesander, and Karsten Weirup for kindly allowing for their photographs to be used free of charge.

A special thank you to Berty Skuber who generously donated more than 300 photos to the Festival of Fantastics archive. Several of these pictures are included on this website.

It was not possible to find the holder of the copyright of late Bent Ryberg’s photographs. We encourage the rightfull owner to contact the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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