The Danish Holiday

by Charlie Morrow

My mother and I arrived at the event in good spirits.
There was wonderful weather and a gathering of friends.
She was most taken with Geoff Hendricks diving
into the fjord. I saw the afternoon through her
eyes as much as my own. She had come to Denmark
especially to travel with me.


Charlie Morrow and his mother Laura Morrow, MD. Photo: Mari Ellen Morrow, 2002

















My dad had been taken away by a fast cancer after a healthy life.
He and my mother, with my sister and a cousin I believe,
had traveled just before his illness was diagnosed,
to Russia to visit the area where the Morochovskys
had lived before they immigrated to Boston in the
early 1900s.

So it was brilliant that Laura Morrow, M.D. took this
Danish holiday.

In 2006, Henry Martin reminisced about our meeting in Roskilde. I had forgotten that I made a dream song performance for him on the shore of the fjord.