I am loosing my memory

by Ben Vautier

Dear Eric
i am loosing my memory
I am mixing everything up
Here is what I remember of Roskilde
Discussing with you on Fluxus and you telling me ”Intermedia” is more
than Fluxus
I remember a biG bed in the street
and deciding to sleep in the bed all night expecting Danish girl to
come and sleep with me
I remember a dyrret in a small Town with a girl smiling at me
I remember being jealous of all the other artists
I remember being photographed in bed by the press and thinking
“Ah ah my photo is going to be everywhere!”
I remember thinking “Fluxus wanted not to be ego and he is a lot of ego”
I remember thinking “George Brecht is not here but his
spirit is here”
I remember drinking 2 Martinis, 3whiskeys and some biers
I remember discussing with Erik wewould to build the hyest mountain
in Denmark
then climb to the top and put the Fluxus banner on its summit
iremmember dreaming of “Marianna walking nacked into a bar with
ten Danish
policemen and had us all arrested for being dressed up
I am not sure if it was in Roskilde but I remember of a a hotel director
who said:
fr fluxus the drinks will be free all you will have to pay is for the food
and Eric said : That’s okay, we take sandwiches and drink best
cognac and best wine.
i remember of Eric signing a paper in witch he named me ben vautier
as his only “légataire universelle”with obligation to look after Dora if
anything arrived to him durinfg thefestival

- E-mail from Ben Vautier to Eric Andersen, May 21 2008