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by Eric Andersen


nothingisanything is a work for choir by Eric Andersen. Conducted by Ole Hannibal, Roskilde Studio Choir performed the work at Festival of Fantastics.

The work requires thirteen singers, who are each given a syllable from the sentence no-thing-is-any-thing, i.e. several singers may have the same syllable but no one has more than one syllable. All syllables are sung in the key of e.

The syllables of the sentence permute and multiply indefinitely through four classical movements as the singers onstage take new positions relative to each other with every repetition. The work is a sound mobile carrying the song from the corners and edges of the stage to the listening audience in the semicircles of the amphitheatre.

The duration of the work is 25 minutes. It is from 1961 and was first performed at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in 1963.