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From the Sea & Rainbow Food

by Geoffrey Hendricks and Robert Watts

From the Sea


Onboard the ship Skjelskør, which for the occasion had been re-named FLUXSKIB GEORGE MACIUNAS, Eric Andersen greeted the audience. Leaving Roskilde Harbour, Andersen elaborated on the purpose of the trip: only the captain knew where they were headed, but within 30 minutes the ship would reach its destination and Geoffrey Hendricks would do a performance. On the way there, Flux food by Robert Watts was served in the gallery below, and Philip Corner performed small events on the deck.

After arriving at the Risø peninsula, Geoffrey Hendricks began his performance. The performance consisted of a number of ritualised actions which saw Geoffrey Hendricks cleansed by means of sea water, sand, coloured chalk powders and blue spray paint and then dressed in branches and flowers. While Eric Andersen and Robert Watts assisted Geoffrey Hendricks, Philip Corner again engaged in events, slowly sawing a chair in two. This proved to be rather difficult and surprisingly noisy; however Philip Corner eventually succeeded. 

Wrapped in branches and smeared in colours, Geoffrey Hendricks returned to the ship where he was tied to the mast. Sailing back to Roskilde Harbour, the ship was bathed in a low afternoon sun and a full moon had appeared on the sky. As Geoffrey Hendricks disembarked the ship, the audience applauded and he walked back to the city centre, still dressed as nature’s son.  



Rainbow food


A Fluxus meal was served in the little dining room of the ship Skjelskør. The meal was served in three sittings. All passengers were handed black, white or red cards which decided the colour of the food they were served.

Towards the end of the trip, a pastry replica of the boat was served as dessert.