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Opening & In a bed

by Ben Vautier


The official opening of Festival of Fantastics took place in the courtyard of Gallery Sct. Agnes. It was a warm afternoon, a brass band was playing and across the courtyard hung a banner with the statement ‘Art makes me sad’ by Ben Vautier. Owner of Gallery Sct. Agnes and co-organizer of the festival Valborg Nørby addressed the audience followed by a speech by head of Roskilde Recreation and Culture Department Anna Skov Hansen.

Ben Vautier also gave a speech thanking absolutely everyone who in any way had contributed to the festival, from sponsors and organizers to the owner of the local hardware store. The speech of thanks went on forever.


In a bed

Ben Vautier had placed a double bed in the courtyard of Gallery Sct. Agnes. He invited everyone to join him in the bed turning the bed into a common hangout for reception guests with tired legs. After the speeches were over, the bed was carried from the courtyard through the gate to Skomagergade and to Stændertorvet where it was placed in front of the City Hall. Here Ben Vautier was joined by Head of Roskilde Recreation and Culture Department Anna Skov Hansen in the bed.

Innumerable girls were invited to join Ben Vautier in bed; however, it is uncertain whether anyone accepted the invitation. The bed remained on Stændertorvet throughout the festival, and Ben Vautier claimed that he slept in the bed every night.

After the opening, Eric Andersen executed his performance 30 Roskilde Taxa.


Gallery Sct. Agnes

Opening of the exhibition at Galleri Sct. Agnes.