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The exhibition was split between the Hussar Stables and Gallery Sct. Agnes, presenting works by the festival artists for four weeks.

At Gallery Sct. Agnes Ann Noël showed the painting I (and possibly You), and Eric Andersen exhibited Four Photographs with Jam and the works
I Regret and Random Audience. Philip Corner presented the installation Piece of Reality of cigarette buds, paper clips, dead leaves and dried up apple cores.

Emmett Williams displayed a collage of self-portraits entitled Portraits of the Artist as a 16-course Fluxus Smorgasbord and the work Alphabet, which was used in Ann Noël’s performance. 

Geoffrey Hendricks showed Sky Ladder - Day, Sky Ladder - Night and Berliner Tagsbuch watercolors along with Sky Boots. He and Marianne Bech gathered stones in the courtyard for a small installation piece, 100 Stones for George Maciunas and furthermore exhibited Flux Wedding Album co-produced with Brian Buczak.

Geoffrey Hendricks also presented a two-hat installation with his own hat and George Brecht’s bowler hat (read GH’s memory of the exhibition)

Anne Tardos showed 3 Cats - 2 Colors and 3 Cats - 3 Colors and possibly the work A Rose Killed a Rose Killed a Rose, which was later printed as a postcard.

Ben Vautier exhibited the painting from ben to culture (series of four), two works with photographs and text as well as wrote on the walls.

The Hussar Stables

Alison Knowles exhibited the silkscreen print Dark Orange as well as an installation with beans and books displayed on a white cloth around the old stove at the Hussar Stables.

Arrows by Dick Higgins was also on show.