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The Last Request

by Eric Andersen

The Last Request premiered as an 8 hour performance in New York. On this occasion Eric Andersen wrote a letter to the UN asking them to include The Last Request as a human right in its Charter. The UN never answered the letter. The performance took place at the Dia Art Foundation, Bob Whitman’s Studio; now the home of The Kitchen. The public service radio station WBAI broadcast reports from the eight hour performance every half hour. A few thousand people turned out. A dozen or so forms were completed.

A similar eight hour performance was given at the Romanesque church of St. Ib during the Festival of Fantastics. A dozen people showed up and three or four forms were completed. No one, neither from New York nor Roskilde, has so far contacted Eric Andersen to have their requests granted.

Eric Andersen’s The Last Request regarding The Last Request and advert from The Village Voice, October 1984