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by Jackson Mac Low


Assisted by long-time collaborator Anne Tardos, Jackson Mac Low performed his 1st Milapera Gatha. The work is based on mantras from Buddhist prayers. Gathas are a series of performance scores by Jackson Mac Low. He has worked on them since 1961, placing the letters of each word into squares on quadrille paper. The performance of the piece is based on performers’ spontaneous choices. The work’s spiritual nature aims towards a de-emphasizing of individual egos and to open up to what is going on around them. Mac Low’s instruction to performers was to “listen and relate.”

Mac Low also read from his boook Words nd Ends from Ez, words and ends of words drawn from Ezra Pound’s work The Cantos. Spoken by only two voices, several pre-recorded tracks superimposed the performance which slowly developed in strength and volume.

In another Word Event, Tardos and Mac Low performed actions and spoke words they had written on index cards. Some actions involved the whole body, some words were phonemes and letter-sounds.